HEiH Chuao 75% dark chocolate couverture 2kg bag

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HEiH Chuao 75% is the perfect Chocolate Couverture for your recipes. This dark chocolate is manufactured in Switzerland by master chocolate makers, using the exceptional and mythical cacao beans from Chuao, Venezuela.

This chocolate is complex, intense and long . As it melts, appear notes of cacao, that soon evolves into rich fruity and citrus notes, fresh and acidic. Its finish is prunes, raisins, halzelnutsand caramel. Simple, Exquisite.


Ingredients: cacao kernel, cane sugar (origin South America), cocoa butter. Cacao solids minimun 75%.

May contain traces of Milk (including LACTOSE), Almonds, Hazelnuts.

Contents: Each foil bag contains 2kg of chocolate drops.

Produced in Switzerland

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